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We may argue that this is the same today, and in some respects it is, but with the rapid standardization of browsers, the decline of homepages, the progress of mobile networking, and success of a few number of social networking platforms there can be no doubt that over the last decade our network has significantly changed our interactions and therefore personal identities.

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She is a technology correspondent at CNNMoney covering, innovation, VC's and all things new and cool; Laurie Segall has interview entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates. Laurie has reported out award-winning investigate show ranging from appearing forms of online harassment to an intimate look at the hacker groups and drug use in Silicon Valley.She had covered stories ranging from drone technology in Israel to the benefits of digital classrooms and given audiences behind the scenes look at tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Well, she has named to Forbes' "30 under 30", Mashable's "Seven Top Journalist to Subscribe to on Facebook," while she is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.marriage) is failing for 50% of your customers, then you need to fix your product or offer something better. We’re committed to each other, but have a porous boundary around our relationship, meaning that we’ve agreed that it’s okay for either of us to express romantic feelings towards other people or to be physically intimate with other people, so long as we’re honest and transparent about our intentions with one another.These things don’t diminish the integrity of our relationship.Well, one of the great tech reporter and journalists has an entire passion of travel and hike, and also recently she bought an expensive car as well. Laurie keeps her personal life under the wrap, so it's hard to get the information about her personal bios such as married, husband, dating, and boyfriend. While, there is a rumor that she has been romantically dating with Stewart Butterfield, but the two never said anything and never accepted the story.

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We’re now living in a period of great (though unequally distributed) abundance where our basic needs are sufficiently met, and reproduction is a choice.

Featuring stories of those falling in love with robots, re-creating digital versions of the deceased, experimenting with VR therapy in psychiatric wards and infiltrating hacker communities, Segall examines the promise and power modern technology holds, while exposing the darker side.

Dead, IRL: "Using thousands of texts, tweets and Facebook posts, a woman creates a digital version of her best friend … Artificial intelligence and years of social media data allowed her to create a bot that responds like her best friend, jokes like him, and blurs the lines between man and machine. I love you, Bot: "From people falling in love with robots to sex dolls who now have, 'AI brains,' our relationship with tech is getting…complicated.

The report also features Helen Fisher, one of the pioneer romantic-love researchers, scoffing at the whole poly concept because Theory of Human Nature.

I posted the very first comment on the You Tube version, calling her out for putting theory over observation. The You Tube version of the video seems off to a slow start — I was viewer #24 when I posted my comment — but I see that local CNN stations are now adding the CNN version to their own websites.